Thrive in a toxic world video presentation Melbourne, Nov 2018

Thrive in a toxic world video presentation Melbourne, Nov 2018


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Modern life has plenty of advantages that people 100 years ago could never have dreamed of. But for all the conveniences and luxuries we enjoy, we’re living in one of the most toxic periods in history. Many of us are exposed to a barrage of chemicals, and radiation that can make us sick. They’re in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and technology we use every day. While there are no escaping toxic pollutants completely, we can take measures to limit our exposure to harmful toxins.

In this video recording of Thrive in a toxic world workshop facilitated by Health Coach Derya Kucukali, we discuss solutions and strategies to overcome and lessen the impact of exposure as we walk through your whole home. Derya shares simple steps you need to know in order to detox your living space from harmful toxins and chemical laden products. Derya also focus on external factors such as electromagnetic radiation and the more recent introduction of 5G technologies and how we can protect ourselves and our homes.

You will feel INSPIRED and EMPOWERED to make some significant changes.


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