Rewards Program

Last updated: 22nd Jan 2021

  1. Members are automatically enrolled into Rewards Program. They have to OPT OUT.
  2. Member must be logged into their account before purchasing. One member per account.
  3. Member must have spent a minimum of $10 INC GST and EXCLUDING delivery charges to be able to redeem any points.
  4. Points are accumulated from first order and in value lots of 0.20c. No partial points to be given.
  5. Delivery charges are NOT included in the calculation of points at checkout.
  6. If a member returns a product due to being faulty and a replacement is given, then the points remain.
  7. If a member returns a product for any reason and NO replacement is given, the points for that item are deducted.
  8. All points will be calculated and accumulated over a rolling 12 month period (365 days).
  9. After 12 months (from signing up to the Rewards Program), the balance will automatically be reset to zero and the member returns to Level 1.
  10. Automatic notification email is to be sent to the member 4 weeks and then 2 weeks before expiry.
  11. For accounts that have been INACTIVE for 9 months or more will have their points removed and back to Level 1.
  12. Automatic notification email is to be sent to the member 4 weeks and then 2 weeks before expiry.
  13. Points cannot be transferred to other members.
  14. All products are available for purchase via points except Gift Cards and return delivery charges for refunds.
  15. Reviewing a product- in order to be eligible for reviewing a product, customer must be an active member of the OI Rewards Program, must have purchased the product they are reviewing and can only write one review per product.
  16. All reviews are approved by OI team before publishing onto website.
  17. Relevant points are allocated to the member’s account once approved.
  18. Refer a friend- customer must be an active member of the OI Rewards program to refer a friend. Points are allocated to the member once the friend’s purchase has been finalised.
  19. Birthday Special- only applicable to active members of OI Rewards Program -email is sent to the birthday recipients on the first day of the month for those members on Level 2 and 3. Discount voucher to be used across the store excluding gift vouchers and shipping costs. Expiration is the end of the month.
  20. Discounts on seminars/workshops-only applicable to active members of the OI Rewards Program. Once member reaches Level 2 or 3, voucher is issued that is to be applied only to any seminars/workshops that are held. Can be used multiple times within 12 months.
  21. Donate to charity- Points can be donated to any of the 4 charities listed. OI will donate the accumulated points value quarterly or yearly and will be advertised on all media platforms once completed.
  22. Exclusive discounts-Level 3 Members only can access these discounts. Applicable only to the named brands.
  23. Any changes to the rewards program may be made from time to time without notification.

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